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So, you want to know if Google Sniper is for real, eh…

Well, this is my take on Google sniper and what you can do to overcome the flaws of G Sniper. You see, George (the Author) “forgot” to mention some of his techniques. However, I’ve found out what it is he does, that makes him so good at creating sniper sites.

I’ve got something for you, something that will increase your sniping drastically. But first, let me tell you my story.

Note: This is a review – Click Here If You Were Looking for the Official Google Sniper Site and Don’t Want My Special Bonus!

I’m 28 years old and I started doing niche blogs in the summer of 2008. And trust me, it wasn’t easy. My first 20 sites or so failed drastically. I lost a lot of time and money figuring this thing out.

However, in the beginning of 2009, I started to crack the code and my niche blogs started to earn me some real money. Then, one day, I was browsing the Warrior Forum and saw this WSO (warrior Special Offer) from George Brown called Google Sniper, I could see it that the stuff he talked about related to my niche blogging, so I bought the book. Damn, I was amazed. Seriously, this isn’t just the regular affiliate review, where someone would praise a product without ever have tried it. No!

I really digg Google Sniper and I’ve implemented George’s Methods to further increase my Niche Blogging.

Now, at first I tried to forget everything I’d ever learned and focused 100% on using the Google Sniper Methods. It didn’t really work out for me, actually I was a bit disappointed. Even though I hit it sometimes, half of my sites weren’t even getting to page #3 of Google.

After creating around 20 sites solely on the Google Sniper Methods, I decided to shift my angle, just a little bit.

Therefore, I incorporated some of my old methods with George’s Google Sniper and BOOM! Suddenly, everything I touched turned into gold.

Oh, and if you don’t believe me… how did you find this page? Trough Google right :)

My blogs went to page #01 and stayed there! That’s how effective Google Sniping is when you combine it with my methods.

If you’re going to purchase Google sniper, then buy it trough my site and I’ll throw in a bonus that’s worth 10 times more than I get in affiliate commission.

I’ll give you my ”7 Things George Forgot to Mention” eBook, and I promise you, those of you who get this, will be the ones who’ll get first in line when Clickbank send out checks.

The title is pretty much self explanatory, but it’s basically 7 secret techniques that I use in my daily Google Sniping, and these methods are what set me apart from the other snipers out there.

That’s basically what makes me money.

Click Here to Order Google Sniper and Get my report “7 Things George Forgot” delivered to your inbox instantly!
(No, you don’t have to send me an email with your receipt no. The bonus gets delivered automatically).

So, What is Google Sniper?

If you don’t know what I’m talking about here, read this:

“Google sniper” is a blueprint that takes you by the hand and guides you through the process of selecting a product, building a website around that product and finally, make that website appear in the top of the Google results.

The whole process (including my own tweaks) takes around 2-3 hours, per site, and each site will make you around 2-4 sales a month. You do the math.

Oh, and did I mention, this has nothing to do with PPC, extensive link building, black hat techniques or anything like it!

So, go ahead, get your copy of Google sniper and the “7 things George forgot to mention” bonus, now!

After you place your order, you’ll get an email from George, where he tells you how to get the Google Sniper eBook and the videos.

At the same time, you’ll get an email from me, with instructions on where to download your bonus, as simple as that.

See you on the other site,

- Isak


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